The Mustard Pie Holiday Dresses are being very well loved by our customers! Deep floral prints complimented with soft hued creams and tans. They are festive and merry for your little girl!

Let's show you a few of the Mustard Pie Holiday 2018 collection.

Mustard Pie HolidayThe Mustard Pie Holiday Dahlia Dress is full of beautiful cream lace with ruffled sleeves. The matching Mustard Pie Holiday Lace Legging is is accented with extra sweet ruffles at the ankle. 

Next this is probably my favorite of the Mustard Pie Holiday Dresses. The Mustard Pie Holiday Alice Dress has a rich floral print with lovely wine ruffles around the shoulders to add a pinch of girliness. (view another image below of the blonde girl on the left).


A similar dress with a more detailed empire waist is the Mustard Pie Holiday Delphine Dress. The oversized rosettes are very charming and perfect for her school Christmas program.

fancy toddler Christmas dresses

Last one to show you Mamas who are searching for a baby girl holiday dress, well here is a dress with leggings. And it is sold as a set for you, the Mustard Pie Holiday Olive Set. This set is also sold up to size 6.

mustard pie holiday olive set

Happy shopping as always! Any questions feel free to call, text 4023327529 or email