It is that time of year where dresses are a must for your little girl's wardrobe. They are so easy to put on and head straight outside. Mustard Pie dresses can be the icing to the cake for any event whether going on date with Daddy or to a playdate. And oh yes there is the twirling factor, right?! Some of my little customers love to twirl in their dresses.

Of course one must look for the perfect dress that compliments your little girl's undertones. Some colors just pop on one while it may look dormant on someone else. We have three girls. Our middle daughter looks so pretty in pastel/softer colors against her auburn hair and freckles. And then my oldest and youngest, who both have brown hair, standout when they are wearing deep colors.

Let's take a look at some of these beauties:

This next dress has the cutest ruffles on the back side. And we promise you this one twirls, see the third image:)

Next is the Giggle Moon Garden of Love Tutu Dress Set 

and the last dress to show you is a little different, the Mustard Pie Sweet Pea Maxi Dress

Mustard Pie Maxi Dress

We have different styles up to size 10 for your little girl. If you have any questions about length or fit, text email or call:) 4023327529