Finding the perfect outfits for everyone is a must for family pictures! Fall pictures or holiday pictures. And this can be a challenge, right?! So how do you compliment one another creating the right look for your family?

Before searching for outfits, one should take into consideration the background, whether it is inside or outside. If it is outside are there evergreen trees (green) or lake(blue) or in a field (green or tan/cream/honey). Whatever the background is, you want a strong contrast in color. If the background is water(deep blue) then light or soft colored outfits would pop. Or a white background with dark hued clothing would pop. If there are too many colors in the background then your family becomes less of a focal point to the human eye.

So let's talk about outfits that would match your little girl and provide a few examples of backgrounds.

The Giggle Moon Parting of the Sea collection is full of mint and a soft tan. These pieces are beautiful and would pop with a darker background. Navy would really pop every set, dress, or longall. 

Let's try this Lemon Loves Layette Onesie that is full of sweet ruffles. Once again a darker background would be ideal in helping it pop. 

Let's do one more. This lovely Mustard Pie English Blue Mia Tunic is full of dark hues and would really pop with a lighter background.

Remember your goal is to drive the human eye to each of your family members. 

We hope this was helpful.