Whether you want to admit the temperatures are dropping and holiday dresses have arrived!

 Pixie Stix Boutique is proud to carry a beautiful, very well constructed line of dresses called Isobella and Chloe. They are recognized to have the 'Best Dresswear' in the Children's industry by Earnshaw(Earnie Awards are Earnshaw’s annual awards for design excellence in childrenswear). They offer sister dresses and outfits starting at birth and up. They have icing to the cake accessories to match the dresses and outfits for your princess(es).

There is no need to panic about finding the right dress or outfit for your girl(s) so relax and take a minute to view our holiday attire!

For baby sister(up to 24months) little sister(starting at 12months) Isobella and Chloe Cherry Tunic and Pant Set and big sister (starting at size 4)Isobella and Chloe Cherry Drop Waist Dress 

If you like black lace over soft cream, the Audrey Lace collection is for your girl(s):

in toddler and the Isobella and Chloe Audrey Black Lace Drop Waist Dress in size 4-6x.

Or if you prefer dazzling silver:

Starting at 18months the Isobella and Chloe Hope Silver Dress  and the Isobella and Chloe Silver Hope Drop Waist dress starting at size 4 

And lastly for anyone who likes a shade of elegant navy:

the Isobella and Chloe Emma Navy Empire Waist Dress   in toddler.

Ask me which one I like......well I would not be able to answer that question because I love them ALL!!