The Christmas tree and ornaments are packed away and the New Year has been happily welcomed. Since it is still cold in most places what better time to plan a warm vacation, is the present! Family Vacation Critic stated the first day of January was a very popular day for family vacation planning.

While Family Vacation Critics recommend the Top 10 Family Vacation for 2013, it may be as simple as booking a hotel for a weekend getaway that of course has a pool.

Where ever your destination may be, packing will be essential to a successful trip. Most likely you are packing for you and your children while Dad takes care of himself. With simple in mind, I usually start laying outfits, swimsuits, etc. out for each child accompanied by shoes. Make a checklist of things that come to mind or that you may need to run out and grab. Once they are done I focus on outfits for me. So now all clothing is laid out. Next I sit down with each child and pack their carry on bag or activity bag, which is so fun because of the little sparkle of extra excitement that is in your child's eye. As the list continues, everything is laid out for the toiletry bag and hair accessories bag. Then it is time to head out to grab the needed items.

If your list(s) include a swimsuit for your toddler or baby girl, check out our swimwear that is sun and fade resistant and fully lined:


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The suitcases and bags are now packed and zipped so now go have fun and RELAX!



ps. Do you have your sunglasses?