The bell has rung, lemonade stands are appearing, swimming pools are opening, sports and craft camps are in full swing because it is Summer! So let the fun begin with your kiddos! I wanted to do something different this year with my girls to make sure we got in all of the necessities of FUN while school is out. We decided to make a bucket list!

We set off to Starbucks for a little drink and make a toast for the opening ceremonies of Summer and then got down to business. We first made our list of things that each one wanted to do, then wrote each on a piece of paper, cut them out, punched holes in each and then tied a piece of yard to each. The girls picked out a fun bag to place all of our fun ideas in. We pull one each night before bed for the anticipation of the next day's journey.

Here is a list of some items from Pinterest where we gathered our ideas:

A few that were at the top of our list:

go to a salon to have manicures done(makes sense since I have three girls)    

have a picnic lunch at the park

have a kool-aid stand


Needless to say our girls love it and I hope your little ones do to! Heck I even love it!