Earnshaw 's, the premiere media source for children's clothing design and retail trends, announced a few weeks ago Fore!! Axel & Hudson as the 2011 Best New Company!

Fore!! Axel & Hudson is a stylish, sharp, golf-inspired collection for boys consisting of shirts, shorts, pants, caps and accessories. Fore!! Axel and Hudson offers to put a hip spin on golf's signature style, for cool swagger on and off the golf course. Many of the items are made from Bamboo fabric, an extremely soft natural textile that is light and strong with excellent wicking properties, and is to some extent antibacterial.

We spoke to Paul Nguyen, designer of Fore!! Axel and Hudson, this past month. Here's a few things Paul had to say: "I find inspiration anywhere from old buildings to nature and anywhere in between. I also find a lot of inspiration in the music I'm listening to at the moment. "My favorite piece is the "Sam Snead" Inspire Cardigan. I think this piece captures the "dapper" look of collection - spruce and stylish."
So raise your glass to the award winner Fore!! Axel & Hudson. VIEW their collection.
Here are a couple of my favorites: