As a mom on the go, sleep is often few and far between.  This lack of sleep can impair reaction times, judgment, vision, short-term memory, performance, motivation and patience.  Keeping up with the little ones you love can be challenging when you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Research shows that napping can help reduce stress and improve cognitive functioning.  Experts agree that 15-30 minutes of sleep in the afternoon can be extremely beneficial.  The body actually seems to crave this as most people get tired after being up for 8 hours.

The key to a power nap is its length.  Sleeping for more than 30 minutes may allow you to fall into a deeper stage of sleep, which is more difficult to wake up from.  Also, longer naps can make it harder to sleep at night.  Power naps should be keep between 15-30 minutes.

If losing your car keys or your temper has become a regular occurrence, a power nap might be your simple solution.  The benefits are great, and you will have more energy to play with the little ones you love.