As you know Giggle Moon is truly loved by our PSB customers whether it is the Fall or the Spring!


Now that the high temps have faded into the distance and the leaves are falling, the clothing is switching from tanks and shorts to long sleeves and pants. The Giggle Moon Glory Shines is perfect for Fall2014. Deep olives and a raspberry pink set the stage to these artfully designed outfits and dresses. Sweet polka dots sprinkled on the legs of theGiggle Moon Glory Shines Swing Set as innocent lace creates the neckline. The lovely florals that compliments one another are bursting with happiness.

In addition to the pretty florals and polka dots(and of course ruffles) there is even dark pink sparkle at the center chest right down to the empire waist Giggle Moon Glory Shines Maddison Set with Ruffle Pants. The soft cream floral print lays sweetly underneath the top.

The darling Giggle Moon Glory Shines Tutu Dress with Leggings is so rich in color with the dark pink tutu dress(which did we mention is full of ruffles?). Of course the chest is detailed in cream ruffle around a pretty floral print that even includes blue. There is geometric shaping to damask print to layers of ruffles to the floral in the masterpiece designed Giggle Moon Glory Shines Tutu Dress with Leggings.

We have received our shipment so if you pre-ordered from this collection we will be contacting you shortly or click on any of the links to view remaining sizes. Hurry before we run out!

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